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I Love You, Mom!

I am so excited to share with you this wonderful gift book called I Love You, Mom! Cherished Word Gifts from My Heart to Yours by my literary agent, Blythe Daniel, and her mother, Helen McIntosh.

This beautiful book is a perfect gift for Mother's Day to celebrate the life and influence of your mom. Like a collection of Christian Mother's Day cards in book form, each page is filled with Scripture, love affirmations, and appreciation for your beloved mom.

I had the honor to be with Blythe on the day of I Love You, Mom!'s official book release on March 8th in Nashville. I got to meet her sweet mom, Helen, and share a dinner with them and a group of authors and podcasters from Blythe's literary agency. I had special cookies made for her book launch that looked like the book cover. They were a huge hit. It was truly a joy to celebrate this milestone with Blythe and her mom!

When I got back to Wichita, I gifted this book to my mom. She has been such a wonderful mother to me and my two siblings as well as to my three children, Bridget in Heaven and my two boys on earth.

I can't thank her enough for creating the little cradle that changed our entire lives and allowed us to hold our sweet Bridget during our 24 hours on earth together. Bridget's Cradles wouldn't exist if it weren't for the love of a mother and grandmother.

In this book, there's a section in the front for you to write a note to your mom and lots of wonderful pages that will express your gratitude for all the ways your mom has poured into your life.

You can buy I Love You, Mom! anywhere books are sold but here are a few links to popular places to get a copy for your mom for Mother's Day or anytime you want to say thank you and I love you:

Praying everyone has a very Happy Mother's Day!

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