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Each year we decide on a theme for Branton's birthday party based on his interests as we near his March birthday. At the beginning of the new year, we start talking about what the theme will be so I can start planning the party. I love making birthdays special, and I enjoy planning all the little details months in advance (thanks, Pinterest!)

For Christmas, he received a lot of Thomas the Train and Thomas & Friends toys (tracks, trains, books, etc). Our entire basement floor has been set up with train tracks and motorized trains for the past few months. So, it was an easy choice for Branton to choose Thomas the Train for his birthday party theme this year! (Cars was a close second! Maybe next year, Lightning McQueen!)

The cookies were made locally (message me if you're in Wichita and need a recommendation!) The cake was a basic plain cake from the grocery store. I just added one of Branton's Thomas trains on top, along with a #4 candle! However, I've linked some branded Thomas the Train candles below.

For his party, we used many of his toys and trains/tracks as decorations! This saved us money and made it have a fun, interactive feel. We had motorized trains going around the tracks on the party table, as well as around the punch on the kitchen countertop.

My DIY party backdrop secret (pictured below):

  1. Buy three cheap plastic table covers from Dollar Tree ($1/each) in the colors of your choice, lay them all out (or drape over something like a staircase railing or back of a couch).

  2. Line up the top edge, and staple all along the top.

  3. Cut vertical strips up and down, starting at the bottom, leaving an inch or two at the top.

  4. Lastly, braid the three pieces together for each of the strips for just a few inches at the top and let the rest fall down.

It's super easy, cheap, and makes for a neat party backdrop!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the details of Branton's 4th birthday party! Below you will find all the links you'll need to make an awesome Thomas the Train party!

(This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I'll make a small commission as a result of me preparing the content and recommending the products to you. There is no cost to you - it just helps me to continue blogging and serving you! I only recommend products that I love and use in real life. Thank you for blessing me with your clicks when you shop!)

Party Detail Links

Additional Party Ideas (not pictured)

Thomas the Train Toys (for gifts or decor)

PS - You can view & pin all these photos (& MORE) on Pinterest! Here's my Thomas the Train Birthday Party Board.

Happy 4th Birthday, Branton! You are such a sweet, smart, kind, and loving little boy! We love you so much and enjoyed celebrating you!

What party detail did you like the most? What's your favorite boy birthday party theme? Share your ideas with me in the comments!

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