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Welcome to Brenner's space-themed nursery!

When we found out we were expecting our second boy, we knew we wanted to do a space-themed nursery. For our first son, Branton, we did an airplane-themed nursery because both Matt and my dad are aerospace engineers. Both of our families love airplanes and aviation. But we are also space nerds and love all things NASA! In Branton's first two years of life, we took him to both NASA in Houston, Texas (Johnson Space Center) and NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida (Kennedy Space Center).

So for Brenner's nursery, we wanted the theme to incorporate moons, rockets, astronauts, and space shuttles. However, we wanted the design to be modern to match the rest of our newly built modern farmhouse.

The room was already painted 'Extra White' by Sherwin Williams and we decided to go with 'Smoky Blue' (SW 7604) by Sherwin Williams for the accent wall. Matt built the focal wall with 1x2s. He mapped out the design in his aerospace software with the dimensions of the wall (such an engineer thing to do!) so that the everything was angled and spaced to avoid light switches, outlets, vents, etc. and that we liked the spacing between panels, etc. Then he measured and cut the wood pieces to size.

Matt's CATIA program rendering of the wall (LOL):

Matt's Parts list and wood dimensions (I'm 100% certain you could do this wall without this program, but it's still fun to share how we did it!):

He painted the wall first with two coats of primer and two coats of our base color (Smoky Blue) then nail-gunned the wood to the wall, filled the holes, sanded them, and caulked any gaps in-between wood pieces. Then we painted the wood by cutting in with a brush on the sides of the 1x2s and rolling the faces with a small roller. We did two coats of primer and two coats of paint on these too (this part took forever!) We love how it turned out!!

Now for a tour of his nursery! Below I'll also share details of where I purchased various items for his room. If you notice a store name is not hyperlinked, it's because I couldn't find a link for that particular item.

Photo above:

Mid-Century Modern Crib and Nursery Furniture - West Elm

Moon Sheets and Quilt - Burts Bees, Amazon

Wood name sign - ModWoodCo

Moon phase artwork - Etsy

B metal sign - At Home

Metal circular mirror - At Home

You are my moon and stars sign - At Home

Minky diaper changing pad cover - Amazon

Moon - Amazon

Rocket metal shelf - Target

Nightstand - West Elm

Rocket lamp - Target (Can no longer find link)

I love you to the moon and back sign - Amazon

Space prints - Etsy

Bookshelf - Amazon

Astronaut figurines - Amazon

Boppy cover - I had this custom-made on Etsy using fabric from the crib sheets mentioned above.

Rocking Chair - We had this from Branton's nursery. I think we bought it from BuyBuyBaby but I'm not 100% sure.

Curtains - Target (Bought in store, don't have exact link)

Metal circular shelf - At Home

Astronaut figurine - Amazon

Moon Phase Blocks, Uncle Goose brand - Amazon

Space shuttle - NASA gift shop (but I'm sure you can find other places!)

Space mobile - Target

Dog/star lovey - Target

NOTE: Lovey and toys inside crib are for decoration only. Brenner sleeps in a clutter-free bassinet in our room right now. When he moves to this crib, these items will be removed. (Just wanted to be clear on SIDS risk recommendations because it's important not to have items in a crib when baby is sleeping in it.)

Space shuttle and rocket plush toys - Amazon

Name sign - ModWoodCo

Wooden name sign for door - My friend Rachel made this by staining the wood then using her Cricut machine to cut out vinyl for his name and other elements. She also made an airplane one for Branton's room (which I love because their rooms are in the same hallway!) You can find similar signs like this on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed exploring our son's space-themed nursery! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

What was your favorite part of the nursery? Leave a comment below! And don't forget to connect with me on social media!

PS - You can view & pin all these photos (& MORE) on Pinterest! Here's my Space-Themed Nursery Pinterest Board.

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